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Старый 10.04.2023, 12:03
Vladimir Fyodorov
Сообщений: n/a
По умолчанию AFTERSНOCK: AfterShock 1.7.4 open testing

Vladimir Fyodorov написал(а) к All в Apr 23 10:52:07 по местному времени:

> Начато открытое тестирование AfterShock 1.7.4.
* From : Tolik Vdovichev, 2:292/854.180 (09 Апреля 2023 20:48)
* Subj : AfterShock 1.7.4 open testing

I submitted 1.7.4 version to open testing and it will be available
for testing after reviewing by Google.

This release addresses a couple of crashes, see B9 and B11 in TODO list.

#B8 - Fix implicit intent warning reported by Play Console [POSTPONED]
#B9 - Crash due to memory leak when tossing a large amount of bundles [1.7.4]
#B10 - Message not found while tossing outbound nemail [DONE] [1.7.3]
#B11 - Crash on attempt to reply to netmail message [1.7.4]

#F2 - Uuencodes suport [NEW]
#F3 - UTF-8 support [NEW]
#F4 - Dark mode support [NEW]
#F5 - Editing unsent messages [NEW]
#F6 - Search messages [NEW]
#F7 - FSC-0035 REPLYTO support [NEW]
#F8 - Polling schedule [NEW]

#I1 - Faster messages displaying (especially big ones) [IN PROGRESS]
#I2 - Switch to ViewPager for navigation between mail messages [DONE] [1.7.2]
#I3 - Improve quoting removal [NEW]
#I4 - Quote kludges in a single paragraph [DONE] [1.6.11]
#I5 - First letter capitalization in sentences [DONE] [1.6.11]
#I6 - Mass delete from DUPES and BADMAIL [NEW]
#I7 - Private reply [NEW]
#I8 - Switch to ViewPager for navigation between echo messages [DONE] [1.7.3]
#I9 - Separate indication for new and unread messages [NEW]
#I10 - Sort areas by read status [NEW]
#I11 - Optimize overhead of data reading from areas when reading messages [NEW]

NEW - item is in queue
IN PROGRESS - item is in progress
DONE - item is completed in specified version

--- GoldED+/OSX 1.1.5-b20230221
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