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Старый 08.11.2022, 21:53
Eugene Grosbein
Сообщений: n/a
По умолчанию LeaseWeb

Eugene Grosbein написал(а) к Alex Korchmar в Nov 22 00:36:07 по местному времени:

Плыли, плыли и приплыли.

From: Leaseweb Compliance <>
Subject: Formal legal announcement for Termination of Services
per 31 December 2022

Dear Customer,

Through this email, we would like to inform you of the following.
Taking into account the circumstances, developments, hardship and unrest
and crisis in several regions including your country and
based on your location, Leaseweb -at its good faith and its full discretion-
has good reasons to fear and has reasonable doubts that the continuation
of our services will not be supported by our Leaseweb KYC requirements.

This announcement to stop and withdraw from offering services
in your country and location will be sent out by all Leaseweb Sales Entities
under its B2B Terms and Conditions, Policies.

We appreciate you as a customer however, based on our way of doing business
and Leaseweb's duty of care principles, we hereby end our contractual
relationship and will cease to provide services per 31 December 2022.

We hereby terminate your Services and Sales Contract per
Contract End Date of 31 December 2022 taking in to account
a reasonable notice period.

Upon this notice period, all your services will be automatically ceased
and wiped at this termination data of 31 December 2022.

This timely formal notification allows you reasonable time to take steps
for your back up and data migration and a possible transfer
of your services.

Thank you for your attention, cooperation and understanding.

Kind regards,
Leaseweb Global B.V.
Compliance Department
--- slrn/1.0.3 (FreeBSD)
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Старый 09.11.2022, 10:32
Alex Korchmar
Сообщений: n/a
По умолчанию Re: LeaseWeb

Alex Korchmar написал(а) к Eugene Grosbein в Nov 22 09:18:53 по местному времени:

From: Alex Korchmar <>

Eugene Grosbein <> wrote:

EG> Плыли, плыли и приплыли.
Следом за кораблем.

FLY, you fools! У вас уже не то что веб - у вас крематории не
работают. Патамушта даже это было не свое.

> Alex

--- ifmail v.2.15dev5.4
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