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Старый 09.03.2017, 18:20
Michiel van der Vlist
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По умолчанию Feature (disable) request

Michiel van der Vlist написал(а) к Golded team в Mar 17 14:55:10 по местному времени:

Нello Golded team,

Господин модератор, извините за английский. Переводчик Google может
быть полезен время от времени, но это слишком много ....

This may only apply to the Windows versions...

When running Golded it does not use the active code page as set by the CНCP command, but it uses the default code page that is active when the system is booted up. In my case code page 850. If there is a way to run it using another code page, I have not found it.

This "feature" makes it difficult to write messages that use other characters than those present in the default character set. In my particular case it is difficult to write messages in Cyrillic. There is the possibility of using an external editor, but this is cumbersome and normal text editors are based on text written in lines separated by EOL markers. They can't deal very well with the concept of "paragraphs" separated by CR, as used in Fidonet messages. Also the external editor can only be invoked when writing messages, not when just reading them.

I therefore request that this "feature" is disabled. Preferably configurable for backward compatibility.


Even more nice would be if the active code page could be set per group:

CНCP 866
member R50.SYSOP
member R46.SYSOP
member ru.binkd

It would make writing in the language of my eastern friends so much easier if there was an easy way to let Golded do CP866 on my system. And maybe the other way around as wel.

Cheers, Michiel

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