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Старый 22.10.2017, 21:55
Michael Baryshnikov
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По умолчанию Saga

Michael Baryshnikov написал(а) к All в Oct 17 19:52:45 по местному времени:

Нello All!

Залит Saga/(2006)_Trust

Ещё один альбом Саги.
Утверждается, что это - их лучший альбом за всю 40-летнюю историю группы.
Ну, что сказать? Наверное, я чего-то не понимаю - мне он не зашел вообще. Хард-рочок и есть хард-рочок. То, что у нас было, нравилось мне гораздо больше.
Кстати, группа объявила о прекращении своей деятельности в 2017-м году.

(c) Review by SouthSideoftheSky, PA

Trust seems to be a popular album here on PA, and it is indeed another good Saga album, but in comparison with the two albums that surrounded it - 2004's Network and 2007's 10.000 Days - Trust is actually a less good album in my opinion. This album does indeed feature all the usual Saga trademarks - some of which I like a lot and some of which I don't like very much. The typically catchy songs are occasionally just too catchy for me here; too cheerful and superficial to be fully enjoyed. The overly anthemic and repetitive chorus of I'm Ok, for example, is hard to stomach. Such generic words are just not worthy of that kind of display. I liked the previous Network and even more so the follow-up 10.000 Days, two albums that were slightly darker and more serious. I also think that especially 10.000 Days was also more progressive than Trust is.

The 11 tracks on Trust are rather short, even by Saga standards, the longest being the title track of just less than six minutes and the shortest is just over three minutes. This leaves less room for solos and instrumental workouts. There are some nice quirks in some of these songs for sure and some songs towards the end are even slightly Gentle Giant-like, buy personally I prefer the Neo-Prog and Prog Metal leanings of the other two aforementioned albums. Still, there are some very good songs here and there is no sign of the band losing any power despite going on and on for years and years, constantly making good albums.

Trust is indeed yet another good Saga album that is bound to please the Saga fans and many fans of progressive Rock in general, this reviewer included. This is not among Saga's very best and next album would, in my opinion, be an improvement over the present one. Three stars, but "that's as far as I'll go"!

WBR, Michael Baryshnikov.

--- wfido
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