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Старый 28.11.2021, 13:31
Michael Baryshnikov
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По умолчанию Agusa

Michael Baryshnikov написал(а) к All в Nov 21 12:16:32 по местному времени:

Нello All!

Залит Agusa/(2021)En_AnnanVarld

Итак, шведы.
Новое для меня имя - шведская спейс-фолк-прог-рок-группа Агуша. Это - их третий (или четвёртый?) диск.
Учитывая упомянутый выше стиль, можете представить на что похож альбом, состоящий из двух композиций на 25 и 21 минуту.
Я лично ожидал чего-то более нудного и спейсового, но нет - диск разнообразный, красивый и без нудноты совсем.
Надо будет послушать и другие альбомы.

(c) Agusa biography, PA
Formed in Malmo, Sweden in 2013

AGUSA is a new prog quartet, initially comprised of Tobias Pettersson (bass), guitarist Mikael Odesjo, drummer Dag Stromkvist and finally Jonas Berge on the organ. Some of them are also known from collaborating with bands like Sveriges Kommuner & Landsting, Kama Loka and Нoofoot.

For the first time the musicians came together in early 2013. During the following summer they went out to the countryside in order to celebrate some jam sessions. The place is called Agusa, and that's why the band name finally established. In autumn they entered the studio to record their debut 'Нogtid', which was released early 2014 on Transubstans Records and Kommun 2. Five authentic retro 70's progressive tunes are given, featuring dinstinctive organ work and a proper psychedelic fundament in the vein of Moonwagon, Нypnos69 and Astra.

After a handful of gigs during the winter, Dag Stromkvist decided to leave and to travel around India for a while. The band auditioned a number of drummers, and eventually asked Tim Wallander from Magic Jove to join.

En Annan Varld
Psychedelic/Space Rock, 2021
(c) Review by moshkito, PA

There are very few albums that have a way to make you an addict. BEWARE. This album will end up requesting you to hear it again ... and even ask yourself ... what is this?

It is real easy to find bits and pieces of their music that will remind you of some moments in Jethro Tull, Caravan, Camel, Focus and a few other things that you have heard before. But if you think that this is about sounding like the 1970's rock sound that we love and appreciate so much, and have considered it "progressive", then, let's say that this is the modern version of that.

Unlike one other album I have heard from them, this time, there is almost no touch of the folk/rock sound they appeared to have before, and this has become a seriously well defined rock band, that knows how to extend a piece of music, and while at it ... make it nice for us ... and then some.

Both pieces in this album develop slowly and basically just explode strongly, in a way that is amazing ... what seemed like a simple song, has become a monster ... just like out addictions, right? Their development as a piece from beginning to end, is well done and probably thought out, as there does not seem to be a lot of just bare improvisation here, but a really well established piece defined from improvisation to become something that is special.

Of special talent here, is the keyboard sound, the flute and the guitar ... and they serve up a really nice combination, that never feels like you are just hearing a solo ... it seems to be very well defined into the music, so there is no "solo" per se, and the guitar punctuates the development really well, and often is setup by the flute or the organ/keyboards. The keyboard sound itself, is so nice to listen to that it will merit a 2nd (and more) listens, because it is so pretty. And the same can be said for the flute, and then the guitar, the one place where it is easy to think ... he's soloing again and everyone else shuts up ... not here, it is a part of the "symphonic" design of both of these pieces, and the expansion of the guitar parts, are really a treat.

The 2nd piece (Sagobrus) is the one that really takes me away quickly ... just as soon as you think about this or that, it takes you to another place, and does it really well, and at that point your ability to think of other bands you have heard before, just goes away, and the band lives really well on its own in your mind.

This is a highly recommended album for anyone that is serious in their "progressive" collection. The superb thing here, is the cohesion and the well defined sections and their taking the piece further and further, and never once feel like you are left behind ... instead, like me, sometimes you are just out of breath!

I don't know that one can ask for more about an album, and its music. Just super all around and highly recommended.

WBR, Michael Baryshnikov.

--- wfido
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