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Старый 02.09.2019, 19:12
Alex Kovrigin
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По умолчанию WНDLoad First Samurai (Vivid Image)

Alex Kovrigin написал(а) к All в Sep 19 22:01:45 по местному времени:

First Samurai (Vivid Image)

download the install package
created at 2019-08-31
size of install package 98257 Bytes
Author Mr.Larmer & Нarry & Wepl & JOTD
Нall Of Light
Lemon Amiga

Version 2.0 (31.08.2019) done by JOTD (features added only for ECS original)
- CUSTOM3=1 forces introduction skip (which could be achieved by holding fire...)
- CUSTOM2=1 enables jump with second button (easier to play & perform rear sword/kicks)
- CUSTOM1=1 trainer infinite energy
- CUSTOM1=2 trainer infinite lives
- CUSTOM1=4 trainer get sword immediately
- CUSTOM1=8 trainer get all needed magic items from start
- CUSTOM1=16 trainer bell is always active
Adding CUSTOM1 option enables more than one. 255 enables all options.
- Regulated speed for fast processors/WinUAE. CUSTOM4=1 disables this
- All levels are reachable from level select menu, even if not played/saved before
Just press F1-F10 to reach corresponding level
- added quitkey for 68000
- password screen completely removed
- added joypad controls (see full details at the end of the document)
- added ESC key to quit current game (could not quit from pause, even if the manual says so)
- reworked source code, source included, see how much control tweaks were added for joypad :)

WBR, Alex Kovrigin <alex(at)>

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