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Старый 17.08.2016, 16:40
Andrey Lappo
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По умолчанию Dungeon Kingdom

Andrey Lappo написал(а) к All в Aug 16 13:48:52 по местному времени:

В! и! не нашел упоминания про сабж, доступный на в т. ч. русскоязычный рогалик с боями в реальном времени. Инди-разработчик Нydro Games продает ее только через Steam. На распродажах не замечен, минимальная за последние месяцы цена - 300 р..

* What is Dungeon Kingdom?
Dungeon Kingdom is a role playing video game, designed with old-school style dungeon crawlers in mind! You’ll meet dreadful creatures, find treasures, solve puzzles, explore dark, damp dungeons or lose yourself in snowy and windy mountains!
* Will you love playing Dungeon Kingdom?
If you enjoyed great games such as Dungeon Master, Ishar, Eye of the Beholder, Elder Scrolls, Black Crypt, Might and Magic and many other Dungeon Crawlers and RPG games of the past, this is a game you’ll love! In More general terms, if you love adventure, exploring dungeons, heroic fantasy and puzzle solving, this game is made for you!
Also note that despite the fact that Dungeon Kingdom is a tribute to those great games of the past, we have worked hard to provide the best graphics on all platforms with next-gen quality!
* What platforms will Dungeon Kingdom be released on?
Dungeon Kingdom was designed from the very beginning to run on both desktop computers and Mobile/Tablets devices. Initially, it will release on PC, Mac, Linux systems. Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Virtual Reality versions will follow after the full release.
* When will Dungeon Kingdom be released?
Early Access for Dungeon Kingdom is available! Full release is planned for Q4 2016. We don’t want to sacrifice any features or rendering quality, so we are taking our time! The Desktop version will be available first, then mobile and VR port.

Andrey Lappo
--- wfido
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