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Старый 09.01.2018, 05:55
Alex Kovrigin
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По умолчанию WНDLoad Nippon Safes Inc (Dynabyte)

Alex Kovrigin написал(а) к All в Jan 18 08:17:08 по местному времени:

Nippon Safes Inc (Dynabyte)

download the install package
created at 2018-01-08
size of install package 266033 Bytes
Author CFOU! & Wepl
Нall Of Light
Lemon Amiga

version 1.2 (4.1.2017) done by Dlfrsilver/Wepl:
- updated to latest kickemu
- bugs in french language fixed and protection removed
- manual added
- new install script
- no longer installs the character files, allowing you to play the game as
- new imager for the disks 1-4 which shortens the images by saving only used
data areas, to get this benefit reinstall the game (save your savegames!)
- updated the french solution file (remove the note about crashes)
- caches at boot time enabled and later disabled, game itself has problems with

WBR, Alex Kovrigin <alex(at)>

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