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Старый 07.02.2024, 09:51
Nil Alexandrov
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По умолчанию Are there users of GoldED+ DOS, OS/2,

Nil Alexandrov написал(а) к All в Feb 24 08:48:18 по местному времени:

Нere is a question of the day. Anybody is still using $Echo_tag for exotic OS like mentioned in the $Subj line?

The question comes from the current official/unofficial maintainers of GoldED+ who eager to finally drop backward compatibility with that old shit. We would like to have at least -std=c++11 as a minimum requirement, so we can actually ditch those memset()/memcpy() pre-C++ era expressions here and there in the code. Well, the rationale behind this idea is that if you are still excited about that authentic DOS experience then go ahead and f..ur slf and use the original Mr. Sorensen s/w and not the plus one.

There are currently three ancient platforms that bother us.
M$ DOS DJGPP, OpenWatcom C++
OS/2 GCC, OpenWatcom
<WinXP migw, VC6

--- GoldED+/LNX 1.1.5
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