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Старый 11.03.2024, 01:02
golded+ inspector
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golded+ inspector написал(а) к All в Mar 24 23:53:02 по местному времени:

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fix crash when reading removed message in Squish (#87)
Fixed a bug/crash when GoldED opens a message in the current area which
has been deleted outside of GoldED.

This bug leads to enormous memory allocation size and GoldED will either
be killed (OOMKiller) or exit with the Squish msgbase corruption message
in log.

Co-authored-by: Nil Alexandrov <>
Author: Vitaliy Aksyonov <>
Date: 2024-03-10 06:08:12 -0600
Committed by: GitНub <>
M golded.spec
M goldlib/gmb3/gmosqsh3.cpp
M srcdate.h
--- hpt/lnx 1.9.0
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