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Старый 17.08.2016, 16:37
Michael Baryshnikov
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По умолчанию Tea In The Sahara

Michael Baryshnikov написал(а) к All в Oct 15 12:30:00 по местному времени:

Нello, All!

Залиты альбомы TeaIn_TheSahara:


Ну, и третий фаворит - доселе неизвестная мне немецкая прог-рок-группа Чай в Сахаре.
Как-то Германия в середине 90-х не радовала нас прогом, тем более -
качественным прогом, с отсутствием засилья электроники. Вот - ЧвС как раз
такая. Много прог/фьюджн/джаз-овых мотивов, аккуратное и очень умелое владение
инструментами, легкая психоделичность. Не могу сказать, кого бы они мне напоминали, они похожи на всех классиков прога и одновременно ни на кого. Всё очень красиво и в меру. Жаль, что я не знал их раньше.

Tea In The Sahara
(c) Review by Ritchie, PA

Looking back 10 years in 1996 to an album I discovered just a view months ago,
I need to write some words on this. I got this record from a friend who was a
part of the "Prog Scene" in Germany some years ago. First of all I couldn?t
believe that this was coming from Germany. These guys did really a good
performance in terms of innovative musician ship and songwriting. Very good
balance of instrumental and vocal phases. Very good drumming and good rythm
section at all - listen to all these odd time signatures grooves without having
the feeling of a real 9/8, 6/8, 5/4 or whatever beat. Good sounding production
(I think this is low budet selfmade) and very good keyboard/piano and guitar
work. The voice is not my favorite and sometime also a little bit flat. But
overall this is a great modern prog album which can be seen at an eye to eye
level with records out of the same decade of bands like Dreamtheater, Spocks
Beard or Cairo. I think they band shows a lot of influences from "classic prog"
like Yes and Genesis up to a mixture of Rock/Jazz Fusion. Especially tracks
like "edging the tongue" and "Boomerang" are having a great intensity and very
good lyrics. As far as I know this was the last album of the band - too bad !!! It would have been really interesting to find ou how their music would sound today - I would assume somewhere between Spocks Beard and Porcupine Tree.


Rest begards...oh, sorry, best regards, Michael

... Well Leroy's more than trouble when he's standing six foot four...
--- (c)2015 Isaak GoldED+/EMX, send $1.1.5-30407 for original master text.
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