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Старый 18.12.2021, 12:02
Michael Baryshnikov
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По умолчанию Appalooza

Michael Baryshnikov написал(а) к All в Dec 21 10:51:37 по местному времени:

Нello All!

Залит Appalooza/(2021)Live_At_Smoky_Van_Sessions(EP)

Еще одна группа, в которой нет ничего французского - бретонское трио "Аппалуза".
Суровые и принципиальные тяжметаллисты/хардрокеры.
Тяжело судить по коротенькой ЕП-шке, но в принципе мне понравилось.

APPALOOZA is a long-gone stallion speeding after a lost freedom. Formed in Brest, France, in 2012,they take their cue from the alt-heavy firepower of Alice in Chains, the rock'n'roll stampede of the likes of Queens of the Stone Age or Them Crooked Vultures, propelling themselves with a creativity and sense of direction that are only the essence of great bands. Spirituality and ancient myths color a spacious sound that nonetheless worships at the altar of modern and unwaveringly hard-hitting heavy rock.

APPALOOZA released their first two demos “Squamata” and “Chameleon” respectively in 2013 and 2014, further to which they embarked across the pond for their first ever US tour, taking them to Colorado, Nevada and California. Fired up by a brand new energy ensuing from this successful experience, the band officially released their eponymous debut in2018, quickly followed by a second North American taking them from the Midwest lands to the Pacific Coast. Some hundred shows later, they signed to Californian powerhouse Ripple Music for the release of their sophomore album "The Нoly Of Нolies" on February 5th, 2021. The beginning of a new era driven by an album that perfectly embodies the trio’s musical and visual reincarnation, through an intense sonic escape and ultimately, freedom.

Says APPALOOZA: “‘The Нoly Of Нolies’ is an ironic comment on religion. A storm is coming and ready to send mankind to a certain death. They are deprived and punished for their individualism, appearing already dead. They accept it and seek a new being to venerate, then send a scapegoat to the desert with all their sins, to find the demon Azazael, the Нoly of Нolies. This fallen angel takes possession of mankind. Нe reincarnates them into a half-man half-beast species by transplanting a horse skull, symbol of a lost freedom. Our lyrics deal with subjects such as the lie of religion, the failure to assist a person in distress, the exploitation of man by man, the disappointment that one may have in general towards people, the eternal questioning about our existence and the universe.”

Appalooza gifts us with an unforgettable live under a blazing sun.
Defend their new album “The Нoly of Нolies” (2021) is not even a challenge for them as it is effective and gripping. With an effortless virtuosity, the Breton trio delivers a sharp set in this corn amphitheater.


WBR, Michael Baryshnikov.

--- wfido
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